Transport Canada Releases Self-Study Module to Satisfy 24 Month RPAS Recency Requirement

Since Canada’s new drone rules came into force 2 years ago, over 50,000 pilot certificates have been issued, all with a requirement to maintain recency within 24 months of issuance. We can tell you that our Canadian readers have definitely been asking how to complete recency requirements for the Basic and Advanced Pilot certificates.

Anyone operating a drone over 250 grams must obtain either an Advanced or Basic Pilot Certificate from Transport Canada and maintain proof of recency within 24 months.

Transport Canada just released a Self-Paced Study Program, in the form of a learning questionaire on general aviation subjects, that satisfies the 24 month recency requirements of CARs 901.

All remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) pilots who meet the requirements in CAR 901 are to answer general aviation question 1 to 15 and the following applicable additional questions:

RPAS Basic pilots — questions 16 to 21.

RPAS Advanced pilots — questions 16 to 26.

References are listed after each question, and many of the answers may be found in the Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual, while others can be found in the AIP Canada (ICAO).

Access the Transport Canada Self-Paced Study Program here.

While this looks like a quiz it’s really a refresher on many aviation topics that you likely haven’t revisited since passing your original exam.

Five early adopters of drone technology for their businesses who since been joined by 4,429 fellow Advanced Pilot Certificate holders and 45,641 Basic Pilot Certificate holders flying 52,963 registered drones.

In Canada the RPAS regulations and adoption have advanced quickly, and we have thriving adoption of drones by businesses and individuals across a spectrum of applications.

Have you already completed your 24 month recency requirement? Let us know in the comments how it went.

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