Sugu Drone Repairs

Drone crashing and malfunctioning happens even to the best of us. It may be something that you did, or for some reason, the drone or some parts of it stop working. Regardless, if you are in Canada and have been wondering where you can get drone repair services, worry not, for Sugu Drone Repairs Services are only a call away.

Drone Repairs With Sugu Drones

Sugu Drones is a leading drone flight training institution and a leading seller and distributor of drones and their accessories in Canada. But once they teach you how to fly a drone or sell you one, they don’t stop there. They can also help with the repair and guide you on submitting repair requests to the drone manufacturer. And no, you don’t have to be one of their alumni or to have bought a drone from them. Anyone can get their drone repaired by Sugu Drones.

How Sugu Drone Repairs Work

Sugu Drone Repairs

Sugu Drones offers drone repairs through Sugu Tools, their branch that deals with selling drones and their accessories. Once you have a drone that needs to be repaired, they can help with the basic repairs. But if the drone has significant damage, they recommend contacting DJI Support.

How To Request Repairs From Sugu Drone Repairs

There are four ways you can request repairs from Sugu Drones. They include;

1.       Submit the request on their website – You can submit your repair request on the Sugu Tools – Drone Repairs Page, where you will be asked to fill in a form. This form contains details such as your name, email, phone number, address, drone model, serial number, and a place to describe the aircraft’s problem. You can also submit and track the progress of the repairs through their software. Contact for more details on how to go about it.

2.       Deliver the drone to one of the Sugu Drone Repair Centers – After submitting the request on the website, you can ship the drone to one of their repair centers. Sugu drones has three repair centers in Canada and two in the United States. Those in Canada are located in Edmonton, Kitchener, and Peterborough – North Kawartha. In the United States, you can find them in Indiana and New York.

3.   Sugu Drones In-Field Technician Support – If the drone crashes while in the field and you don’t have time to deliver the drone to one of their repair centers, you can call them, and one of their technicians will come to pick up the drone.

4.   Sugu Drones Same Day Emergency Parts Delivery Services – If you know how to fix your drone and need to buy a new part, Sugu Drones offers same-day delivery services where they’ll deliver the part to your address within 24 hours. However, this service is only available to the following cities in Canada; Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver.

NOTE: Sugu Drones only offers repairs for DJI, FLIR, and Autel aircraft. For goggles, gimbals (Ronin or Osmo), and other accessories, you should contact the manufacturer’s support.


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