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    Welcome to our Forum,

    CDP was created for drone pilots by drone pilots. We have spent countless hours crafting our webpage to ensure you get the maximum experience. If your a commercial operator and have a knack for the industry we encourage you to contribute to this forum. In regards to my experience, I am a Ontario based RPAS advanced operator with a background in geomatics. I have been intrigued about the industry well before DJI was even a household name. I have flown fixed wing drones, quadcopters and have a couple hundred hours on several platforms. I have a passion for all things that fly, and planely put I am starstruck. I believe Canada is leading the forefront of this technology, and I applaud Transport Canada for developing a rigid but flexible frame work . We have truly come out on top as a nation, and there’s never a better time to be alive! Go Canada! Go!

    Open up and share your background,  let’s get talking!


    CDP Drone Admin


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    Dear Fellow Drone Pilots Happy 2021!

    As an advisory in effort to block spam we have further increased security credentials within our post and pages which include googles recaptcha service.

    Now on to normal business!

    For those of you needing to fulfill your 2 year recency requirements, please visit the following article:

    Lastly for drone pilots looking to buy parts and supplies (i.e Autel EVO II), I have been informed, in the interim you may browse our limited selection of goodies!

    For those of you interested in the AUTEL EVO II PRO, there is also a dedicated facebook group which talks about the product (link):

    Looking forward to hearing more from all of you (i.e new sign ups & old users).

    Have a great day!

    Happy flying


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    Hi, my name is Fernando Guerrero, Certified Residential Home Inspector in Ontario. I got my Advance Pilot Certificate on October 2020 and I am planning to inspect residential roofs with a Drone on those that I have no access. I joined this group to give and received any recommendations or advices on this matter. Soon, I will be receiving my new Autel Evo II Pro Drone. Thanks!
    hey, I’m Rafael

    I just did my advanced exam and I want to learn more about the drone industry.



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    Hi all,

    My name is Allan, I’m based in Surrey, BC. and preparing for my drone basic pilot license exam.


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    Good Morning

    My name is Sue and I am new to Drone and drone technologies. I have just passed my advanced exam and require some training before taking my flight exam.

    I live and work in Barrie Ontario.

    I was flying a DJI mini and have just purchased the Autel Evo II Pro and love this machine!!

    I have so much to learn, this is a fascinating industry!!



    Hi, everyone! My name is Michael Gallant from Fredericton, NB. I operate an inspection services company that currently specializes in residential home inspections. We are looking to expand our services to offer drone inspections. I look forward to writing the advanced drone certification in the near future.  I currently run a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and have moderate experience with modifying electronics and circuitry. Happy to be part of this growing community of professionals!


    Hello.  I am located in Southern Saskatchewan and came to drone flying by a farmer asking me if I could fly a drone he had purchased and if I could do some work for him. I found out very quickly that I needed a licence and did a crash self study and passed the basic with ease. To note I am a 70 year old kid.  This job is fun.  What do I do?  Well I am working on mapping his property as he leases it out and he needs accurate acerage for rental costing. He also wants to do crop inspection but I am not ready for that as I do not have the equipment yet. He also sells Cattle Oilers and he has had me go out to customers and film the Cattle using the Oilers in the field.  This is an ongoing job and I realize I need to get my advanced and I am studying for this right now. I am using his Mavic Air for now but I have purchased a full kit for a Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter which will be more suited to the mapping and crop inspection.  It will also allow me to market myself to other farmers for the same type of work. If all goes well I will be able to afford a multi spectrum camera to do advanced crop inspection. This looks like an emerging field with good income opportunities and it is something a senior can do to suppliment a fixed income.
    Welcome to forum both Franklin & Michael!

    Franklin it proves age is just a number… good luck on your endeavors and I am very glad things are launching on the right foot.

    Michael feel free to also network amongst peers on here the system also allows for direct communication as well.

    If anyone needs tips or tricks feel free to message me. I am always a hop, skip and a jump away.


    Welcome again to the forum!



    Hello ,

    My name is Tony Fernandez and I am an Electronics Technician.

    I have very little aviation experience and attempted the Basic Drone Transport Exams and passed. At the moment I am thinking of buying a simple drone to gain some flying experience.

    Tried to join a flying school in Brampton but this is not possible because of the ongoing pandemic.

    Guys and Ladies out there the exams are not that difficult. Most of the questions are based on common sense

Viewing 9 replies - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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